Fall 2018 Concerts

Our Fall Concerts are almost here. You should have received a gold colored flyer with all the concert details.

Orchestras perform on Tuesday, November 27 at 7:00 pm in the auditorium .
Call Times: 6th grade Orchestras(period 7) at 6:30; Advanced Orchestra (period 1) at 6:25; String Orchestra (period 2) at 6:15

Bands perform on Wednesday, November 28 at 7:00 in the auditorium.
Call Times: 6th grade Bands (period 7) at 6:35; Advanced Band (period 6) at 6:25; Concert Band and Jazz Band (period 5/4) at 6:15

Concert Attire:
6th Grade and Advanced Bands and Orchestra wear our “Lewis Music” Polo Shirt paired with dark colored pants or skirt (must cover the knees when sitting down). No shorts, no bright colors (red/yellow/orange, etc.) and try to avoid a design. The plainer, the better. The idea is to blend into the group. No performer should stick out because of their attire.

Students will receive their Music Polo Shirt in class on Monday the 26.

Concert Band/Jazz Band/String Orchestra are in Tuxedos and Black Dresses.

Concert Participation:
Concerts are a performers test. Therefore, concert participation is a huge part of the student’s grade. Students are graded on their attendance, stage etiquette, and audience etiquette. Students are required to attend the ENTIRE concert. Students who leave early will not get full participation grade for the concert. The concert should be no more than an hour in length.

Silent Auction:
Both evening concerts will have a silent auction to help us raise funds for the music program. Be prepared to bid on items such as:

We will also be selling flowers, candy, soda and water at each concert.

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