Class Expectations

Expectations for All Music Students


All students are expected to practice a minimum of 25 minutes daily.

If you practice, you get better.
If you get better, you play with better players.
If you play with better players, you play better music.
If you play better music, you have more fun.
If you have more fun, you want to practice more.
If you practice more, you get better . . .

– Douglas Yeo, Parenting Musical Children


ā€‹The only sure way to realize a positive improvement in one’s playing is through thorough, consistent, comprehensive practice routines; daily class rehearsal is not enough. Just as science and math teachers give daily assignments that must be completed, so the music student is required to complete daily homework assignments as well. No one ever learned to play an instrument in a class or a private lesson. Learning to play is learning how to practice.


ā€‹In order to reinforce the concept of daily practice, students must take their instruments home every night. If the instrument is home, the likelihood of practice is increased. However, if the instrument is left at school, it is proof that the student isn’t practicing. If the instrument is left at school, the student will be required to complete practice logs and turn them in at the end of each week to the director to ensure time is being spent practicing.


ā€‹As you can see, this system is based primarily on honor. Parental reinforcement of practice time, as in any class, will help to ensure the student’s musical progress and successful performance.

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