Stock Program — Annual Fundraising Drive

We are offering family and community members the opportunity to invest in the Lewis Middle School Instrumental Music Program by purchasing ‘stock.’  This stock is an investment in your child’s musical future and helps us provide funds for individual coaching from professional musicians, instruments, sheet music and a field trip or two!  Support of this program comes entirely from the generosity of donations as the school does NOT provide adequate funding.

Mr. Prout has set a goal of raising $8,000.  This is attainable if each student sells 10 shares of stock at $5 each or $50.  Mr. Prout would like to purchase new instruments for the Music Program, including alto and tenor saxophones, flutes, violins and violas, new instrument cases, and support coaching for the students.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sell shares of stock in the Lewis Instrumental Music Association to family, friends and associates.  Each share costs only $5.00 and is 100% tax-deductible (Stock Tax Receipt).
  • In return, the student receives:
    o Lewis Music sticker with $5 of stock sold
    o Lewis Music drawstring bag with $50 of stock sold
    o Lewis Music t-shirt with $100 of stock sold

You may submit your payment by check with the completed Stock form. Checks should be made payable to the Lewis Instrumental Music Association (can be abbreviated as LIMA) and mailed to LIMA, PO Box 601801, San Diego, CA 92160-1801.

You may also pay by credit credit card by going to our GoFundMe page.   Please identify your student and their class in the comments when you donate.

Please submit all orders by November 20.

We will gladly accept donations after this date, but they will not be eligible for prizes.


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